CHPC is a club run by an amazing team of volunteers – we need each other! The club needs to generate a certain amount of income to be self sustaining, and it this is done by running shows, competitions and other activities through the year.  But what can you do to help?  We desperately want people to volunteer to do things that they enjoy doing, and to that end, we would really like you to put your hand up for something that you find fun!  Have a look at Why Volunteer!

To help you understand what is required to run CHPC, here is a document that outlines the CHPC structure and also the different Volunteer roles and responsibilities which includes a list of which superstars are currently helping out and roles which are currently vacant – can you help?

We would appreciate if if you could fill out this Volunteer Form which will help us understand where you can help us.

Remember, TEAM WORK makes the DREAM WORK!