Tests and Badges


The Pony Club have a series of progressive tests that encourage the member to improve their riding and to further their their knowledge of riding and stable management.  THESE ARE NOT COMPULSORY!  After attaining a test a certificate will be issued along with a felt disc which is worn behind the PC badge on your jacket.  More information is available on the Pony Club website.

E Test           Recommended minimum age 4+

E Test riders should be able to walk and trot on the lead rein.  They should also know basic points of the pony and tack.  This is a voluntary test.

D Test          Recommended minimum age 8

D Test riders are expected to be able to ride a pony off the lead rein in walk and trot in an enclosed area.  They should also know the basic needs of a pony in summer and winter and be able to handle a pony with confidence.   Jumping is not required.

D+ Test        Recommended minimum age 10

D+ Test riders should be able to walk, trot and canter.  They will need to walk their pony up and down a hill without stirrups and ride over a very small fence in an enclosed field.  They should be able to tack up, clean tack, groom a pony and recognize rugs.

The Hunting Certificate involves a visit to the kennels, a verbal test and assessment while out hunting.

C Test           Recommended minimum age 11

C Test riders should be able to ride confidently and in balance in trot and canter on the flat and up and down hills.  They should be capable of jumping small cross country fences and be able to prepare the pony beforehand and deal with it afterwards.  They will also be required to trot without stirrups.  Most of the riding in C Test will be in an open field. They will know aids for canter, sequence of legs in both trot and canter and talk about rhythm.  They are also required to display basic knowledge of fitting tack, shoeing, minor wounds, lameness, loading a pony, feeding and watering.

Before being awarded the C Test Certificate, Candidates must have trained for and passed The Pony Club’s Road Rider Achievement Badge or The Pony Club Road Rider Test or the BHS Riding and Road Safety Test.

C+ Test        Minimum age 13

C+ Test riders will demonstrate C Test level riding as well as show a turn on the forehand, leg yielding and be capable of jumping a variety of show jumps and cross country fences in an open field. They will be asked to name the scales of training, explain rhythm, tempo and suppleness in addition they will show a greater knowledge of pony care including putting on a stable bandage and being able to poultice.

B Test           Minimum age 14, recommended min age 15

This may be taken as a whole or in two parts.  B Test Riding and B Test Care.  They may be taken on different occasions and in any order.  B Test riders should have a correct position in the saddle.  They will be required to ride their own horse and another.  They must ride effectively and be able to relate the theory of riding to both horses.  They will be able to show rein back, demi pirouettes and may be asked to ride with two pairs of reins.  They should be capable of riding a well mannered horse out hunting, eventing, long distance riding and be able to care for it before during and after the occasion.

B+ Test        Minimum age 16

(Riding only) This is a voluntary test.  At this level the rider’s position should be more secure to produce balance and harmony.  They will be required to ride and jump both their own horse and another.  The obstacles will be both show jumps and cross country fences.  They should be able to assess the horse’s way of going in all three phases and discuss their findings in depth. They will also be required to ride in a double bridle

Minimum age 16
To be able to tack up a horse for lunging and work the horse for exercise on the lunge.  This is a pre-requisite for B+ Level and above.

This is also in 2 parts. It is a very demanding test indeed and requires a great deal of training. It is internationally recognised.

AH Test       Minimum age 16.  Recommended age 17

(Care only) Candidates must be practical and require a high level of knowledge of horse management and day to day running of yards.  They will be experienced in caring for a wide variety of horses and understand their specific needs.  They will also be required to demonstrate ride and lead and lungeing for exercise.

A Test – Minimum age 18

(Riding only) Candidates must hold both the Lungeing Test and the AH Test.
This test is the highest award of the Pony Club and provides a comprehensive assessment of Horsemanship and Training of Young Horses.  It is accepted by BHS as an exemption from Stages 3 and 4 in Riding and Care.

This is a good start to coaching which can be fun as well as profitable for the older members. Candidates must have passed the full B Test. Again further details are on the PC website.


The Pony Club have a wide selection of badges that can be attained, they are very varied from grooming to bird watching, farming to pony breeds.  A cloth badge can be gained which can be sewn onto the PC sweatshirt.  Some are taken at Junior Camp and Badge days are organised in some holidays.


If you would like to take part in any of these tests or earn some Pony Club Badges, head to our Tests & Badges pages to find out when they are next taking place

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