Tests and Badges


The Pony Club have a series of progressive tests that encourage the member to improve their riding   and to further their their knowledge of riding and stable management.  After attaining a test a certificate will be issued along with a felt disc which is worn behind the PC badge on your jacket.  More information is available on the Pony Club website.

The E test is optional, but all the others must be taken in sequence. There are recommended ages for each one. These tests are usually taken at Junior Camp.

The Hunting Certificate involves a visit to the kennels, a verbal test and assessment while out hunting.

Before being awarded the C Test Certificate, Candidates must have trained for and passed The Pony Club’s Road Rider Achievement Badge or The Pony Club Road Rider Test or the BHS Riding and Road Safety Test.

Members need specific training on all parts of the syllabus if they are to succeed.  We recommend the Equine Working Notebooks which you can order from http://www.equineworkingnotebooks.com

Details of training and the test will be in the Programme each holidays

The first part is the B riding (beige) Test and the second the B Horse and Pony Care (brown) Test.  Both parts must be passed to be awarded the certificate.  Again, training for the B Test is organised specifically and you must liaise with the Tests Co-ordinator for details of training offered.   Candidates must be over 14 years of age.

This may be taken after B Test or B Horse and Pony Care.  It is necessary to pass this test before attempting the AH Test.  Candidates must be 16 years of age or over.

This is also in 2 parts. It is a very demanding test indeed and requires a great deal of training. It is internationally recognised.

AH Test (salmon pink): A Horse and Pony Care Test.  Candidates should ideally hold their full B Test, but members who hold only their B Test horse and pony care may take the test.  All candidates must also hold their Lungeing Test and be at least 16 years old.

A Test (blue) Riding Test:  Candidates must have a full B Test and their AH to proceed to this test.  All applicants must be at least 17 years old.

This is a good start to coaching which can be fun as well as profitable for the older members. Candidates must have passed the full B Test. Again further details are on the PC website.

This involves a visit to the kennels, a verbal test and assessment while out hunting. No member is allowed to hunt on their own unless they have this or their C test.


The Pony Club have a wide selection of badges that can be attained, they are very varied from grooming to bird watching, farming to pony breeds.  A cloth badge can be gained which can be sewn onto the PC sweatshirt.  Some are taken at Junior Camp and Badge days are organised in some holidays.

MINI BADGE SERIES (Aimed at 4 – 8 year olds)

Pony Health
It is important to recognise the signs of good health in your pony and learn what is normal behaviour. Watch our video on Pony Health for indications of hood health & then take part in the suggested activities below.
https://youtu.be/JO4HB6YS8_E .
Activities: Draw a picture of your pony and point to what to look for to assess your pony’s health. Go and examine your pony’s eyes and nose, gently look under his eyelid and look at the colour.  Draw your pony’s head depicting his eye and nostrils to show the salmon pink colour you are looking for when he is really healthy. Smell some stinky cheese such as camembert to discuss why you don’t want your pony’s feet to smell like this!
Read page 118 of the Manual of Horsemanship.

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