Pony Club Polo

There are currently around 300 players playing Pony Club Polo in the Uk.  Starting at the age of 6 right through to 21.  The age groups are divided up into nine sections, in such a way that any member of The Pony Club who wishes to play can do so using one pony or several ponies.

SECTIONS – ages are as on the 1st Jan

GANNON  – U21  4 chukka matches

RENDELL – U21  1 chukka matches

LANGFORD –  U17  2/4 chukka matches

LORINER  –  U16  1 chukka matches

SURTEES  –  U14   1 chukka matches

HANDLEY CROSS  –  U14  1 chukka matches   (ponies are 14.2 down)

JORROCKS  –  U11   1 chukka matches   (ponies under 13.2)

The tournaments start mid July and run to the Championships in August.
Longdole run Polo rallies throughout the year where all levels are welcome.
Sophie McPherson runs the Cotswold Polo she can be contacted on sophswest@hotmail.com
We are looking forward to 2020 please contact us if you would like a go…


Polo taster day at Longdole – 17th April
10am – 6 – 11 year old’s – starter players – £10 on own pony
11am – 11 – 14 year old’s – starter players – £10 on own pony – £20 on hire polo pony
12pm – For those players who have already played PC polo – £10
Sticks will be provided by Longdole. Ponies legs will need to be bandaged and tails put up.