Pony Club Polo

There are currently around 300 players playing Pony Club Polo in the Uk.  Starting at the age of 6 right through to 21.  The age groups are divided up into nine sections, in such a way that any member of The Pony Club who wishes to play can do so using one pony or several ponies.

SECTIONS – ages are as on the 1st Jan

GANNON  – U21  4 chukka matches

RENDELL – U21  1 chukka matches

LANGFORD –  U17  2/4 chukka matches

LORINER  –  U16  1 chukka matches

SURTEES  –  U14   1 chukka matches

HANDLEY CROSS  –  U14  1 chukka matches   (ponies are 14.2 down)

JORROCKS  –  U11   1 chukka matches   (ponies under 13.2)

The tournaments start mid July and run to the Championships in August.
Longdole run Polo rallies throughout the year where all levels are welcome.
Sophie McPherson runs the Cotswold Polo she can be contacted on sophswest@hotmail.com
We are looking forward to 2020 please contact us if you would like a go…


Polo taster day at Longdole – 17th April
10am – 6 – 11 year old’s – starter players – £10 on own pony
11am – 11 – 14 year old’s – starter players – £10 on own pony – £20 on hire polo pony
12pm – For those players who have already played PC polo – £10
Sticks will be provided by Longdole. Ponies legs will need to be bandaged and tails put up.

Pony Club Polocrossse

If you are interested in the exciting game of Polocrosse, Please see the message from Laura Scott below and get into touch with her to find out how you can take part in his amazing sport!

Dear Cotswold Pony Club

I’m the Area 9 Pony Club Polocrosse Coordinator and I wanted to get in touch and let you know a little more about the sport and what we are doing in the area over the coming months.  Polocrosse is a combination of polo and lacrosse, is a team sport played on horseback and players use racquets with a square or round head and loose net to pick up, carry, throw, catch and bounce a soft sponge ball. Two sections of three players play against each other with the aim to score the most goals.

At the top level, it is a fast paced and very exciting sport to both watch and play, with both players and horses showing some amazing moves. At all levels it is a lot of fun and teaches Pony Club members a number of very useful skills, improves their balance and confidence and it can also give a great understanding on why having a well-trained and responsive horses is important.

Horses of all breeds play polocrosse and most horses take to the sport well and happily accept the stick and ball. High level horses need to be light, responsive and well trained, so as to stop, turn and go again in an instant. Most Pony Club players start playing on their existing horses and ponies and it is amazing how quickly both the members and horses pick up the game and skills involved in just a few training sessions.

We have a series of Area 9 events coming up primarily in the arena at Longdole Polo Club at Birdlip Gloucester.  Attached are the details of them so please do share with your members.  We will also be holding a joint event with Area 7 on the 27 March at the fabulous Unicorn Trust at Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire, this will be a great opportunity for players to put into practice skills learnt ahead of the Pony Club Arena Challenge on the 23/24 April in the Super Arena at Dallas Burston Polo Club.

If the dates don’t work for people, or you would like to offer a session just for your branch, then I’m very happy to travel to you and provide sessions. It’s a great addition to a pony club rally or part of a camp schedule.

There are a couple of facebook pages worth keeping an eye on:

You might be familiar with ThisEsme who is an equestrian influencer with an incredible following on her YouTube channel.  She came along and had a go at polocrosse in the summer of 2021 and just before Christmas she released a video of her experience – you can watch it here if you like to see a bit more about polocrosse https://youtu.be/w2sfcRH8lHU

As well as being the Area 9 Pony Club coordinator, I’m also an accredited UKCC Level 2 coach in Polocrosse (with first aid, safeguarding and DBS in place and registered on Pelham).  I grew up in the VWH Pony Club so am a local person and polocrosse has been a huge part of my life since I started playing in 1994 and I’m keen to get more people playing the game and having fun.

Please do get in touch if you would like more information and would like to talk about opportunities for your branch and members.


07767 833688  laura.scott03@btinternet.com